Recommendations for:

  • Companies
  • Media (TV, Radio, Press)
  • Scientific journals
  • Publishing houses
  • Government agencies
  • Research funding agencies


Both local and internationally active private companies contact I.E.A.P. for recommendations concerning the development of research strategies, for advice related to human-animal interactions, and in connection with the development and launching of new products. Assessments are made with the utmost care in order to avoid mistakes and to positively support the natural behaviour patterns of the animals in question.

Media representatives from throughout the world approach I.E.A.P. for factual advice in connection with television / radio productions and press publications. E.g. I.E.A.P. has been contacted for recommendations on TV programmes by NZZ-Format (Switzerland), Discovery Channel (Australia), the National Geographic Society (USA) and TV-Bayern (Germany).

Journals and publishing houses profit from the I.E.A.P. director's years of experience and excellent relations with researchers throughout the world. He is associate editor of Anthrozoös and companion animal section editor for Animal Welfare. Among others, he has advised Cambridge University Press, Elsevier Science Ltd and Müller Rüschlikon Verlag on new titles for their programmes.

I.E.A.P. recommendations on animal welfare questions, on the establishment and activities of research centres and organisations interested in human-animal relations, on animal assisted therapy programmes and on support for research projects have been given in Switzerland, the USA, Germany, Japan, Israel and Turkey.


Dr. Turner has been a solicited reviewer of grant proposals submitted to:

  • the Swiss National Science Foundation
  • the research foundations of other countries
  • the US National Geographic Society


and a reviewer of manuscripts submitted to diverse journals including:

  • Animal Behaviour
  • Animal Welfare
  • Anthrozoös
  • Applied Animal Behaviour Science




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