Expert opinions


Expert opinions for:

  • Government agencies
  • Courts/Attorneys of Law
  • Insurance commissions
  • Companies
  • Animal welfare associations

One of the major areas of activity by Dr. Turner and I.E.A.P. involves analyses leading to the formulation of expert opinions in animal protection and animal welfare (housing) cases for organisations, institutions and government offices in various countries. Often cases have escalated beyond heated discussion, and diplomacy, as well as factually based information, are required. I.E.A.P. expertises are always based upon a detailed situation analysis.

Commissions from city authorities and government agencies in various countries on how to best control stray dog and cat populations have also been awarded.

Why do both animal protection organisations and public officials contact the I.E.A.P. office? Because of its clear, fair "middle of the road" approach, I.E.A.P. has made a name for itself which is respected by both sides of most disputes. By working for reasonable solutions that fully respect the animals and people involved, goals can be reached that satisfy all sides.




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