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I.E.A.P. places great emphasis on public service and dissemination of prophylactic information to companion animal owners to avoid problems in housing them and in human-animal relationships. The benefits of harmonious relationships with companion animals to our own health and quality of life are also stressed. 

The institute's director, Dr. Dennis C. Turner, is invited to hold many guest lectures each year (a number of which are open to the public), and has lectured in most European capitols, Mexico, Brazil, Argentinia, Israel, Taiwan, Japan, and the USA. Guest lectures are either in English or German on subjects as varied as «the human-companion animal relationship», «dog behaviour and misbehavior», «cat behaviour and behaviour problems», «companion animals as co-therapists», «ethics and companion animals», «control of feral animals», «responsible pet ownership», and «the welfare of companion animals». If your organization is interested in arranging or sponsoring such a guest lecture by Dr. Turner, please contact the I.E.A.P. office at least 6 to 12 months in advance of the desired date, as the director is often booked solidly for such a long period.

Along with public lectures and co-operation with public continuing education programmes in different countries, Dr. Turner was instrumental in conceiving the special exhibition on «The House Cat» (65 panels, German language) for the Museum of Zoology, University of Zurich; with the support of Zurich Animal Protection, he also authored the informative brochure accompanying the exhibition (unfortunately now out of print). This exhibition was viewed by several hundred thousands of visitors in a number of Swiss and foreign museums.

Upon commission by third parties (e.g. animal welfare societies, public officials or private industry), I.E.A.P. authors informative brochures and educational materials. These most often contain prophylactic information on proper animal housing and care and the human-animal relationship.


D.C. Turner © I.E.T. / I.E.A.P.

To reach an even wider audience, I.E.A.P. works closely with well-known television and radio stations as well as the press. Through this intensive co-operation, people from Japan to the USA are informed about latest research results and issues concerning human-animal interactions. Interviews and programs with Dr. Turner have e.g. appeared in: the New York Times, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Journal de Genève, Oggi natura, and on SFDRS, ZDF, ORF, RTL, SAT 1 and BBC.




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