I.E.A.P. (I.E.T.) was certified by SQS (eduQua-procedure) as an official continuing education institution in Switzerland from 2001 to 2015.

I.E.A.P. continuing education courses were officially given "in association with the Zoology Institute (now the IEU) of the University of Zurich up to 2011"

Courses in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling

I.E.A.P. (I.E.T. in German) is the oldest institution in Switzerland, and one of the oldest in Europe, to offer professional continuing education in the field of applied companion animal ethology, animal psychology and behavioural therapy. Since 2015 it cooperates with the Swiss professional association of behavioural counselors VIETA ( which offers newly organized courses (only in the German language).

Continuing education in animal assisted interventions

Since April 1999 (through 2016) I.E.A.P. together with the psychotherapeutic practice Altamira (in St. Gallen) has offered a two-year continuing education course in Zurich for specialists (social workers, special educators, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists) wishing to learn how companion animals may be optimally involved in their therapeutic, educational and/or social work. (Course language: German)

Beginning 2017, the organization of this course will be done by the Swiss professional association for animal-assisted therapy and activities, GTTA (see ).




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